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About Me

Jeremie Friez is a film and video game composer based in Lyon, France.
He started his musical journey at a very young age by falling in love with classical and film music.
As a young cinephile, he was first inclined to become a screenwriter and director. But life decided otherwise and lead him to play guitar and piano as a self-taught musician first and later he decided that he would focus on learning music theory and start a media composer career.
He studied at the CFPM school near Lyon.



The Art of Storytelling

What I do is much more than just composing music.


I studied the art of storytelling and the art of music for medias for years to be able to bring my clients what they need

in the most efficient way.


Scoring implies the great responsability to enhance the telling of stories, the creation of emotions and attachement to characters, places, events we all love in movies and video games.


With a close collaboration and daily conversations, I make sure to compose the best narrative soundtrack possible to fit

your creation.

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